Why are comfortable office chairs important in an office?

Why are comfortable office chairs important in an office?

It goes without saying that when you think of an office, you think of a desk and a chair first. Somehow, the objects we tend to forget about or not think about are the defining objects of a space in which we spend almost a third of our waking hours in. The reason for this is because our minds associate space with the objects that we interact with the most. At home, it's likely to be your sofa or your bed. In your commute, it's likely to be the seat of your car or the tire. All of these objects are items where our body has the most contact with. It's no wonder we think of a chair when we think of an office. But why are comfortable office chairs important in an office? What purpose do they serve? 

At the most basic level, an office chair is a place for you to sit and do your main task while at work. Whether it's to draw, type, write, etc, most people do most of their office work sitting down. A comfortable office chair, with good adjustments and lumbar support, will help you do that throughout the entire day with minimal pain. 

Next, an office chair offers a certain visual and contributes to the visual composition of an office. If most of the objects in a space are chairs, then a chair is going to contribute a lot to the visual composition, so a good office chair also needs to look comfortable as well. There are two schools of thought when it comes to a chair and visual design: blend in, or stand out. Some designers want the chair to stand out, while some designers want the chair to blend in. Regardless, a chair needs to look comfortable to help add to a space, rather than take away from it. 

Lastly, an office chair is a place for you to call yours for the time that you're there. When you sit down, you claim the space. There's a psychological safety aspect that a chair provides. An office chair needs to be comfortable to help you relax and feel comfortable the moment you sit down, and offer degrees of control that all you to feel safe. From the way the backrest hugs your back, to the lumbar holding your lower back up, to the arms wrapping around your sides, and casters that let you move about freely, all of these contribute to feeling comfortable and being able to let go while at the office. 

As one of the most plentiful objects in the office, a comfortable office chair is vital to the space for your body, eyes, and mind. The ergonomic office chairs from Knead balance all three of these, all at a honest price. 

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