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Get convenient access to power without having to crawl under your desk with our surge protected power bar. The unit clamps onto the edge of your desk for a clean setup and comes with 2 power outlets and 2 USB-A ports.

On this page, you'll find resources for KP01. 

Assembly Instructions

No assembly required. KP01 comes fully assembled and is ready to be installed on your desktop. 

User Guide

KP01 is designed to be attached to the end of your desk to provide power access from your desk. When assembled, choose a location for your desktop power bar on your desk and tighten the screw at the bottom to fix it tightly to your desktop. Finally, plug in KP01 to an outlet of your choosing. 

KP01 can support 2 standard North American plugs, with 2 additional USB type A connections also being available. When plugging into KP01, do not use excessive force as this may damage the power bar and / or your top. As with any electrical device, keep the power bar dry and away from any liquids as this is a live power bar with electricity, and it may shock you if it is exposed to liquids. 


Spec Sheet

PDF: KP01 Spec Sheet


Specification KP01 Measurement
Overall Height 1.85" 
Overall Width 5.6"
Overall Depth 2.7"
Cable length  5'8"
Electrical Rating Input Voltage: 120VAC, 60Hz, (12A max)
USB Ports: 5VDC, 2.4A

Caring for KP01 

KP01 is very easy to clean. If you cause any blemishes or stains on the product, take a dry cloth to wipe it clean. Keep KP01 away from any liquids. Do not use excessive force when using KP01 to avoid damage to KP01 and / or your top.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any surge protection? 
A: Yes, KP01 comes with surge protection built in

Q: Can this fit any desk?
A: Yes, KP01 can easily clamp onto desks of various sizes, ranging from 0.5" thickness to 1.125" in thickness. 

Q: Is the location of KP01 on my desk fixed? 
A: KP01 is freely adjustable - feel free to choose the best place to put KP01 on your desk!

Q: Does KP01 sit flush against the edge of the desk? 
A: There will be a small bit of space needed for the clamp, but this distance is minimal. 


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