KC01 vs KC02

Knead KC01 and KC02 Ergonomic Office Chairs
Choosing the right chair for yourself can be a daunting task if you're doing this for the first time. Between KC01 and KC02, two chairs that Knead Furniture offers, there are some clear differences between these two, and here are some considerations that will help you in making your decisions.

1. How much customization do you require?

Some users like to fine-tune the chair to exactly how they want their chair to support their body, whereas others prefer a chair that automatically caters to the way they sit. For that, KC01 and KC02 caters to these needs. Although all Knead chairs provide core adjustments, KC01 offers a higher degree of customization, with its quick set tilt and manual tension adjustment. On the other hand, KC02 optimizes for automation and simple settings, with it's automatic weight activated mechanism, and the air lumbar system. If you're buying for the office, you may also want to consider whether you have a hot-desking arrangement or dedicated work stations. In hot-desking setups, users may prefer a chair that provide simple, automatic adjustments in order to get comfortable quickly. 

KC01: High degrees of customization 

KC02: Automatic, prescribed fit 

2. What is your aesthetic? 

You want your workspace to both feel good and look good and your chair is the centerpiece so naturally, design matters. KC01 and KC02 offer two very different visuals to cater your desires. KC01's signature 3D Y-frame has striking modern look, whereas KC02 carries a more classic design. 

KC01: Modern design 

KC02: Classic design  

3. How much lumbar support do you require?

Depending on your body needs, you may want a firmer lumbar that adjusts you into an ergonomic position, or you may prefer a more passive lumbar support that supports the way you sit. KC01 has an integrated, physical lumbar support that pivots 360 degrees to support to however you twist and turn. KC02's Air Lumbar system adds tension to the lumbar region of the back without any physical components in order to provide a gentle, bolstered support. Both lumbar support systems allow for adjustments up and down.

KC01: Integrated physical lumbar support that adjusts you

KC02: Air Lumbar system that provide a gentler lumbar support


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