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Our story.
Our mission.
Our promise.

Inspired by the culinary world, to knead is to blend several elements to create a cohesive single entity. This is how we approach space. We’re here to provide you with the products needed to create a space that not only makes you feel better and healthier, but enables you to work happier

We spent a long time working at one of the biggest office furniture companies in the world before we started Knead. 15 years long. We came to learn that their way of working was dated and expensive, yet there was never an alternative option.

If you've ever purchased office furniture, whether for your office or your home, you'll know that the process can be painful, and your wallet left empty.

We're here to change that.

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What we make

Our mission is to make spaces feel great, starting with furniture that looks great, but prioritizes wellbeing.

By working with the same network of suppliers and manufacturers as the world's top furniture companies, we're able to maintain the same product quality that people have come to love but deliver it at a fraction of the cost by cutting out unnecessary complexity.

Honest Pricing

Traditional manufacturers have complex sales channels and processes - not us. By removing these layers and selling directly to our customers, we're able to offer our products at an honest price.

Buying office furniture from Knead is simple, even for our corporate customers that have large volume orders. Prices discount automatically as volumes increase and an order confirmation is received in seconds, not weeks.

Knead honest pricing model