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KC02 features our innovative air lumbar system and a high degree of adjustability - a comfortable fit for any office and any budget.

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Care instructions

The fabrics and materials used for our ergonomic work chair is polyester, nylon, and chenille yarn. To maintain its beauty over the years, it's best to vacuum your chair from time to time to get rid of dust. 

For serious stains, we suggest to use 3M Scotch Guard. Additionally, there are many local services that clean chairs. However, from our experience, a chair that's taken care of rarely needs to be cleaned.

Commonly asked questions

All cylinders are oiled to make sure they work properly. If you mistakenly got some oil on yourself, please use soap and water to get rid of the oil. 

5'1- 6'5

Up to 300lbs

The Air Lumbar adds additional tension to the mesh, providing extra support in your lumbar region. The prevents users from feeling a protruding lumbar as many chairs have, which can lead to discomfort. 

With a weight activated mechanism, the recline tension adjusts automatically based on the weight of the user. Don't believe us? Stand behind KC02 chair and pull back on the backrest with your hands - make sure you keep your foot on the base. Next, ask someone to sit into the chair or add a lot of weight to it, and then repeat. The tension will have gone up significantly.